Field Notes

A travel and photography archiving collaboration.

This project was originally completed and worked on from 2016-11 to present.

This writing was last updated 2017-04-27.

“Field Notes by Jean and Oliver” is an experiment in photography and storytelling by me and Jean Flanagan. The first iteration of it collected photos from our fall 2016 trip and wedding in Vermont. The early 2017 iteration now features an index page with collections of photographs, and a reworked color scheme.

This project was implemented using fluid typography and fluid grids, two techniques of responsive web design.

Typographic and layout sample from Jean and Oliver

Body text underneath a photo grid from an inner page.

The site’s design is based on a slightly asymmetric layout. Images are laid out in a masonry-like grid, with images fitting together precisely with thin gutters.

An asymmetric grid of photos.

A fluid grid layout from one of the photo collections.

The home page for Field Notes

The home page of the Field Notes site features a logotype set in the typeface Acumin.

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