newbound Atom syntax themes

Three syntax color themes for the text editor Atom.

This project was originally completed .

This writing was last updated 2016-10-30.

There can never be enough legible, intentionally designed syntax themes for text editors. I designed newbound light (as well as its dark and warm alternatives) as a theme for Atom, based on the hues and shades from this website. Optimized for writing Markdown and for front-end development, it should also work with other syntaxes. The light theme is intended for general use where high but not harsh contrast (maximum ratio around 11:1) is desired. The dark and warm themes are better suited for late night work, and are intentionally slightly lower contrast (typically between 4.5:1 and 10:1).

Working with Atom as my primary text editor, I spend a lot of time looking at syntax-highlighted code. I carefully designed color palettes while creating my own website. I tweaked and refined those palettes for a pleasing, legible set of syntax theme colors. Leaning heavily on the existing syntax support and syntax themes built into Atom, I made adjustments to work especially well with Markdown, HTML, and CSS which I use for every project. I tested the themes thoroughly, lived with them for a while, and then published open source versions. I now use these syntax themes every day.

swatches from newbound light theme

newbound light shades and hues

swatches from newbound dark theme

newbound dark shades and hues

swatches from newbound warm theme

newbound warm shades and hues

sample of newbound light in Atom with a markdown file

newbound light theme, Markdown syntax

sample of newbound dark in Atom with an HTML file

newbound dark theme, HTML syntax

sample of newbound warm in Atom with a Ruby file

newbound warm theme, Ruby syntax