Jekyll’s cost

Chatting with Michael Lee about my previous post on what Jekyll is and why I use it, I realized more should be said about how affordable static sites can be. From my own experience, here are some cost estimates for hosting a small site (in US dollars):

Without advocating for any other particular services (since I haven’t used enough of them myself to report accurately), there are a variety of other deployment options, since Jekyll does not have specific requirements for serving. As always, it depends on your need. But if your needs are minimal, static sites are very cheap to run.

$1.58 cost chart for February 2016

A recent monthly estimate for a few small websites hosted on AWS. This goes up and down a bit depending on use (especially because I also use S3 for backing up files).

I chose S3 with Route53 and CloudFront for its acceptable cost, high reliability, and flexibility in deployment (like setting up secure TLS with a fast CloudFront CDN).

  1. Check out Amazon’s cost calculator for a detailed breakdown of how much AWS offerings cost. In general, ignore the “free usage tier” – it does not cover much and it runs out after only a year. If you’re self-hosting or doing business, plan past the short term.